Unite Operator
Swing Arm Motor
Swing Underground Motor
Sliding Gate Motor
Lcok set
Micro-Computer Controller
Built-in Low Voltage PCB Logic Pane
Actuator Arm and Bracket
Roller Door Operator
Roller Door Control Panel TYPE C
Roller Door Control Panel TYPE B
Roller Door Control Panel TYPE A
About Firstar
Taiwan Firstar established in 1995, the company continues to be a comprehensive supplier of Swing gate Motor and Accessories. Company’s office and production line are located in new Taipei City Taiwan. Main product line includes variety of DC Motor and Roller Door Operator, Swing Gate Operator, Remote Control, Roll Forming Machine, Sliding Gate Operators as well as full range of Roller Shutter and Roller Door Accessories catering to both domestic and overseas market. In these 20 years, the company has advanced and innovated to cater to thesophisticated demand in the roller shutter industries.The high standard of quality control all these years has enabled our product to gain acceptance as well as to be benchmarked as a reliable and quality product supplier.